These doodles are random projects I've done for personal use.

The title itself best describes the overlaying theme: fun, colorful, and a tad informal


This is an ongoing personal project of mine, where every third photograph posted on my Instagram page is drawn on digitally to create a column dedicated to graphic design, or as I like to call a "doodle column". It started as a coincidence with the second post aligning with the first when I realized that if I continued doing this pattern, not only would it encourage me to continue drawing designs but to showcase my progress. It started from white color "pen" lines and gradually increasing to using more tools by adding color, blending, texture, and layerings to my drawings. As you scroll from bottom to top, you can see the feed composition change to be more full, detailed, and vibrant throughout my designs.



These are all sticker designs I've tailored exclusively to the friends I made in college as well as my close friends I grew up with in my hometown. Some of them are inside jokes. Some of them are memories we shared together. Some of them are the colleges they attend. Each design is meant to be a sentiment of appreciation of our friendship. This project was a stepping stone for me in learning graphic design.


The title speaks for itself. These are side projects either from assignments, birthday gifts, or just me playing around with graphic design.