'Side Hustles' are just a few of the various freelancing jobs I've gotten over the last few years. I love taking on new projects to help build a wider skillset and bring satisfaction to my clients. 

Please send me an email at if you have

any questions regarding a freelancing job.

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In collaboration with Uptown Beverages in New York over Summer 2020, we launched Tazze, an online website to allows you to handpick individual cans to ship right to your door.

Role: Marketing Design Chair, Graphic Designer


In light of the social justice movements in Summer 2020, including Black Lives Matter and the providing humanitarian the refugee crises, I created a design to sell as stickers and retail merchandise to raise support and awareness. 


Proceeds go towards:



  • National Bail Fund Network

  • NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund

An ongoing project of mine is collaborating with up and coming music artists for album covers, rollouts, and other designs needed for their social media and career.


One of these artists are Nat Bogert who then became a two person band called 'Plastic Planet' this year in 2020.

Instagram: @_plastic_planet


Hold Me Close
Way You Move
No Time
On A Tuesday
Plastic Planet
Fourth Cover


This collaboration is with a few USC students founding a clothing company whose mission is to spread body positivity and self-love.

More to come..

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